Our Services

Utilizing the world's leading measurement equipment, we provide our customers 3D scanning,dimensional inspection, reverse engineering, and laser tracker measurement services for different industries

3D Scanning

3D-CHINA utilizes the newest technologies providing the most reliable 3D scan data in the industry.

Reverse Engineering

3D-CHINA is an industry leader in 3D scanning services and reverse engineering services. We provide 3D models and CAD models with the highest accuracy.


3D CHINA utilizes the latest 3D measurement equipment and Software to offer a wide variety of inspection and verification services

Laser Tracker /Scanner Rental

3D CHINA provides several laser tracker rental and precision laser scanning options for our customers in the industry.

Contract Labor

3D CHINA provides qualified measurement engineers to fill temporary positions for our customers.

Rapid Prototyping

3D CHINA provides multiple choices of 3D printing services. Our technologies include SLA,SLS, FDM


Top Pitech introduces the world's advanced high-end testing products and quality control systems to domestic customers, providing customers with advanced solutions for inspection, measurement and quality control.


Our solutions are widely used in various fields of manufacturing: aerospace, automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, wind power energy, construction machinery, scientific research and education and other fields.


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To provide customers with the perfect solution for testing, metering and quality control.